Plan your escape

Andy and Maria are old friends who live in different towns but try and make an effort to see each other once a year. When they do, they like to make an effort and usually book a trip overseas, as they both love travelling and exploring new places.

They normally do this by talking over text, emailing each other links to pages from travel blogs and screengrabs of cheap flights and, with everything else going on in their daily lives, all of their different ideas can become quite hard to keep track of.

Frond’s embedded iCal diary This year, Andy and Maria want to go on a driving tour of Italy. They’ve only got two weeks and they want to pack a lot in, so Maria uses Frond to make planning their trip simple.

Maria adds in the dates she and Andy have discussed and Frond checks her iCal diary for any clashes. She then starts putting together an initial itinerary, including a list of all the towns and cities they both want to visit.

Frond Esacpe Project

Planning together

Maria adds Andy to the project and together they use Frond’s Scrapbook feature to populate the project with things to do, places to eat and recommendations from friends.

They can store images and links in the Scrapbook, making it easy to keep track of all their ideas, and soon they’ve fleshed out a plan for an exciting fortnight in Italy.

Frond Esacpe Project

Storing everything in one place

On one of their earlier trips, Andy threw a spanner in the works by losing his bag which had their train tickets and his passport in it, so Maria asks him to upload a photo of passport and adds in flight details and the contact numbers for their hire car company to Frond.

With everything stored in one place, all Maria and Andy have to do is follow their timeline and their holiday will be a success - Frond makes it simple!