Plan your event

Sandra is a busy professional, working full time and travelling a lot for work. She enjoys going to bars and restaurants with her boyfriend James in her free time and whenever they get the chance they like to go travelling together.

This year Sandra turns 40 and they’ve decided to celebrate her birthday in London with friends and family before their summer holiday together. Because they’ve travelled a lot with other, Sandra and James enjoy working out a schedule and putting plans together.

Frond Work Project

Stick to one channel of communication

Sandra has a lot of friends she’d like to invite who don’t live in London. She knows they’d be happy to travel to celebrate with her but they’d need to know all of the details in advance.

In the past, Sandra and her friends have made plans by setting up an event in Facebook, using Whatsapp to discuss ideas and using emails to share itineraries and other updates. But using all these different channels can lead to a lot of miscommunication and crossed wires. Frond Work Project

Sharing plans

By using Frond, Sandra can keep track of all the important planning information in one central place. She can easily share her plans with James and her friends and family, making information easier to access and provide them with updates in real time, rather than them all emailing each other back and forth.

Frond Work Project

Track those tasks

Frond gives Sandra the ability to set tasks and follow them up them easily without leaving anything to chance, and everybody knows who’s responsible for each part of the plan. Frond provides better control over the tasks that need to happen before her birthday ahead of time and lets Sandra and her friends keep a handle on when they need to be done.