Plan your home

How much do we do in our homes? To our homes? With our homes? We spend the largest slice of our income on them and spend as much time as life allows there. Shouldn’t we plan what, when and how we manage them?

From decorating to redesigning to rebuilding we plan our homes to protect us and to reflect our tastes - they are the most precious spaces we have. So when it comes to managing the work we put into them we want our homes to rely on more than scraps of paper and half-remembered ideas! Keep all the information and ideas in Frond and watch your home ideas blossom!

Frond Home Project

Growing homes for growing families…

David and Caroline bought their two bedroom house in rural Yorkshire soon after they got married. Set in two acres of beautiful dales landscape Brandon Cottage was the perfect place to live and, in time, to raise a family. Unfortunately two-hundred year old limestone cottages come with their own challenges and this example was original down to the victorian plumbing. With David working much of the time in London and the couple engaging an architect from over the Pennines in Manchester, local builders, decorators and trade professionals and buying all their supplies from as far as Hungary the two newly-weds were faced with the problem of keeping track of all the news, ideas, timings, contacts and information. The solution? David and Caroline created their first project in Frond and their labour of love was underway.

Frond Home Project

Planning together

The first problem Caroline and David faced was co-ordinating their own ideas and plans. While David managed the relocation of his job to Yorkshire he spent four days a week in London and Caroline, who had found a new teaching job in nearby Halifax, stayed locally. “Both David and myself would constantly come up with new ideas or come across new inspirations”, explains Caroline over tea in the beautifully renovated kitchen. “Being able to take photos of things we saw (including a particularly nice coat rack David saw in a London pub!), post web-links, or record thoughts and ideas on the move was vital for us. I could add any information we wanted to the project and Dave could see it, comment on it or suggest something else pretty much immediately - it saved hours of emails to and fro. David takes forever to find anything in his email so it was great not to have to wait while he hunted around for something!”

Frond Home Project

Storing everything in one place

“I am notorious for keeping notebooks, pin-boards and Post-It notes stuck to my monitor with thoughts and numbers and prices all over them”, admits David. “Having everything in Frond meant never having to scrabble around my desk trying to find the one crucial number that Caroline needed. Once I had added it to Frond, I never needed to find it again!”

Caroline also found another benefit of using Frond: “As soon as we told our friends and family that we were moving to Binsdale and renovating an 18th century cottage everyone wanted to know how we were doing - particularly those that had experience, skills and advice that we could use. Frond’s sharing and collaboration features meant that we could invite people to the project to advise on our plans and make suggestions when we were struggling to find an answer to a particular problem.”