Plan your venture

Not all planning is for the fun things in life! Meet Oliver and Alice. Together they run MyDesign - a young, innovative agency bringing their talents for design, software engineering and product development to a range of clients across Europe. Planning and keeping their meetings, development sprints, images, updates and timelines in Frond allows them to always be in the loop with their projects. Frond’s People tool even lets them keep their design team and sub-contractors up-to-date with everything that’s going on around a project from software updates to launch parties. All inside one app!

Or say ‘hi’ to Mark, Matt…and Mark! Mark F, Matt B and Mark A are founders of a small I.T. consultancy specializing in public health initiatives. Working with multi-million pound projects means that they work, daily, with large-scale project planning tools and methodologies but for every project each of them manages their diaries and daily tasks from within Frond. Installing secure networks, rolling out health-centre telephone systems, building informatic patient-facing web-sites. Each of these requires the two Marks and Matt to store dates, photographs of site-locations, details of technical and building personnel, installation meetings - and make sure that they all know what everyone is doing. Including their infrastructure engineers in Brazil, Latvia and Greece!

Frond Work Project

Frond - keeping track of the detail!

Of course, the big, enterprise level project management tools help at the high-level. But, for the teams on the ground, large-scale projects are often made up of many micro-projects - from installing TVs into a new hotel to keeping track of each customer’s new kitchen. Inviting colleagues - even customers - to keep track or progress and ideas.

Frond Work Project

Planning together

Collaboration lies at the heart of Frond. Sharing ideas, sharing information, sharing tasks, sharing news. Working with the people that matter.

Invite your key people to your plans. Let them see what you’re doing. Let them contribute details, ideas, information and gain the benefits of multi-valent inp

Frond Work Project

Storing everything in one place

With Frond there is no more digging through emails, notebooks and text messages for that crucial phone number, email address, name, contact, photo.

Track your work projects from initial meeting to wrap-up lunch with every task, step and milestone accessible at your fingertips.